Emer's Art space in the workplace

Team Building through Art

regular art sessions and one off workshops

A wonderful way to bring your Team together in a relaxing, social creative space. Your team will learn to think outside the box, learn new skills and find a wonderful way to destress. A great way to recognise your staff’s creativity by framing and exhibiting their artworks.

Our” Connections through Art” 6 week programme will transform the relationships within your organisiation. 

“You are the ARTist” is one of our programmes. A project about self expression with the person and the team at the core. A Self Portrait that emcompasses the story of the individual and the team. 

We are all human. We need to interact on a deep level and we need the opportunity and time to develop real friendships with our collegues. 

Having a friend at work not only serves as a motivator for employees be part of the team, but also has a direct impact on employee retention, productivity, and company culture.

We run half day – full day and weekly programmes.

Art and wellness

The great part is…We do all the work. 

We set up your Art Space and create the space for your employees to be creative. 

Working with you, we put together the perfect art space for your organisation.

This simple but effective programme offers a solution to the difficult task of bringing people together in a meaningful way. We offer a wonderful opportunity to meet colleagues on a regular basis, to form friendships, get recognition and reduce stress.


Create your art space

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Team Building Art Session

Our studio in Corrandulla offers Adults, Teens and Children a chance to learn the important art skills they need to be creative in a lovely rural environment.